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SubjectRe: [PATCH] powerpc/powernv: Add kernel cmdline parameter to disable imc
Hi mpe, stewart,

On Wednesday 11 October 2017 01:55 AM, Stewart Smith wrote:
> Michael Ellerman <> writes:
>> Anju T Sudhakar <> writes:
>>> Add a kernel command line parameter option to disable In-Memory Collection
>>> (IMC) counters and add documentation. This helps in debug.
>> I'd really rather we didn't. Do we *really* need this?
>> We don't have command line parameters to disable any of the other ~20
>> PMUs, why is this one special?

This one is really helpful in debugging, incase if we want to proceed
without nest counters  OR
core counters . But if we have the facility to do the same from
petitboot, its fine.

> You could also do the same thing by editing the device tree before
> booting your kernel, we do have the facility to do that in petitboot.
> A recent firmware patch:
> would fix the firmware implementation where the counters were already
> running before the INIT/START calls, which are likely the cause of the
> problems that this patch is trying to work around.
> I propose we have the firmware do the right thing and nothing special in
> kernel. i.e. not to merge this.



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