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SubjectRe: Regression on Dell XPS13
Lo! On 17.01.2017 15:34, Paul Menzel wrote:
> […]
>>> Paul, are you still having this issue?
>> Don't know about Paul, but I did a quick test with rc4 on my machine and
>> the issue is still there :-/
> I didn’t test Linux 4.10-rc4 yet, but I completed the bisection.
> ```
> 406e79385f3223d82272cf2be86bc95cd000a258 is the first bad commit
> commit 406e79385f3223d82272cf2be86bc95cd000a258
> Author: Rafael J. Wysocki <>
> Date: Mon Nov 21 22:45:40 2016 +0100
> PM / sleep: System sleep state selection interface rework

@Paul: Many thx for tracking this down. I didn't try to revert the
patch, but my XPS 13 (9360) enters and resumes properly from
suspend-to-ram after running "echo deep | sudo tee /sys/power/mem_sleep"
(#sigh, I should have thought of this myself earlier, as I had seen that
commit :-/ )

@Mario: many thx for the detailed mail you just send to explain things.
Looking forward to give supend-to-idle (which Windows uses on this
laptop) a try. If you need help with testing anything let me know, if I
can spare a minute I'll try to help.

Ciao, Thorsten

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