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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] mm/slab: Improve performance of gathering slabinfo stats

On 08/04/2016 02:06 PM, Andrew Morton wrote:
> On Thu, 4 Aug 2016 12:01:13 -0700 Aruna Ramakrishna <> wrote:
>> On large systems, when some slab caches grow to millions of objects (and
>> many gigabytes), running 'cat /proc/slabinfo' can take up to 1-2 seconds.
>> During this time, interrupts are disabled while walking the slab lists
>> (slabs_full, slabs_partial, and slabs_free) for each node, and this
>> sometimes causes timeouts in other drivers (for instance, Infiniband).
>> This patch optimizes 'cat /proc/slabinfo' by maintaining a counter for
>> total number of allocated slabs per node, per cache. This counter is
>> updated when a slab is created or destroyed. This enables us to skip
>> traversing the slabs_full list while gathering slabinfo statistics, and
>> since slabs_full tends to be the biggest list when the cache is large, it
>> results in a dramatic performance improvement. Getting slabinfo statistics
>> now only requires walking the slabs_free and slabs_partial lists, and
>> those lists are usually much smaller than slabs_full. We tested this after
>> growing the dentry cache to 70GB, and the performance improved from 2s to
>> 5ms.
> I assume this is tested on both slab and slub?
> It isn't the smallest of patches but given the seriousness of the
> problem I think I'll tag it for -stable backporting.

This was only sanity-checked on slub. The performance tests were only
run on slab.


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