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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/6] Apple device properties
On Thu, 28 Jul, at 02:25:41AM, Lukas Wunner wrote:
> Apple EFI drivers supply device properties which are needed to support
> Macs optimally.
> This series extends the efistub to retrieve the device properties before
> ExitBootServices is called (patch [1/6]). They are assigned to devices
> in an fs_initcall (patch [5/6]). As a first use case, the Thunderbolt
> driver is amended to take advantage of the Device ROM supplied by EFI
> (patch [6/6]).
> A by-product is a parser for EFI Device Paths which finds the struct
> device corresponding to a given path. This is needed to assign
> properties to their devices (patch [3/6]).
> I've pushed these patches to GitHub where they can be reviewed more
> comfortably with green/red highlighting:
> It would be good if one of the resident EFI experts could look over
> patch [1/6] to see if I've made any mistakes that might prevent this
> from working on 32 bit. It was only tested on 64 bit, I don't know
> anyone with an older Mac who could test this.
> Specifically, is the following okay:
> efi_early->call((unsigned long)sys_table->boottime->locate_protocol, ...)

This probably isn't going to work with EFI mixed mode because you
can't jump through pointers at runtime - that's the whole point of the
setup_boot_services*bits() code.

> It would be convenient to have LocateProtocol or LocateHandleBuffer in
> struct efi_config so that they can be called with efi_call_early().
> Would a patch to add those be entertained? Right now we only offer
> LocateHandle and HandleProtocol, which is somewhat cumbersome and
> needs more code as the setup_pci() functions show.

Yes, go for it. Doing this would make it work with EFI mixed mode too.

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