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SubjectRe: backlight-tosa: Delete owner assignment
On 15 August 2016 at 15:25, SF Markus Elfring
<> wrote:
>>> The field "owner" is set by core. Thus delete an extra initialisation.
>> Just a small nit on the patch title: "delete owner assignment" is
>> virtually useless as a title because it has no meaning without the
>> broader context and only describes the literal change. It's like
>> naming a patch "add a line" or "change the code";
>> it serves no purpose.
> I have got an other impression.
> Do you want that I add any more background information to the
> commit message?

No, the rest of the commit message is fine. I was only concerned about
the patch title (the first line) since that's what appears frequently
in patch lists (cgit, shortlogs, email/archives), etc.

>> How about "backlight-tosa: delete _unnecessary_ assignment"?
> Will the underlined key word trigger any related software
> development concerns?

No, the emphasis was just for the email, I wouldn't put that in the
actual commit log.

> Would another look be needed on how the usage of the mentioned data
> structure element was reduced over time?

No, it's fine, it's really just about the patch title :-) Thanks,


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