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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] drm/fence: allow fence waiting to be interrupted by userspace
Op 11-08-16 om 20:39 schreef Gustavo Padovan:
> From: Gustavo Padovan <>
> If userspace is running an synchronously atomic commit and interrupts the
> atomic operation during fence_wait() it will hang until the timer expires,
> so here we change the wait to be interruptible so it stop immediately when
> userspace wants to quit.
> Also adds the necessary error checking for fence_wait().
> v2: Comment by Daniel Vetter
> - Add error checking for fence_wait()
> v3: Rebase on top of new atomic noblocking support
Meh, I don't like the swapped parameter much, couldn't we infer it from intr? or rename intr to swapped?
If we're not swapped yet, we should always wait interruptibly. When swapped, never..


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