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SubjectRe: [PATCH] seccomp: suppress fatal signals that will never be delivered before seccomp forces an exit because of said signals
On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 2:35 PM, Kees Cook <> wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 12:50 PM, Kyle Huey <> wrote:
>> This fixes rr. It doesn't quite fix the provided testcase, because the testcase fails to wait on the tracee after awakening from the nanosleep. Instead the testcase immediately does a PTHREAD_CONT, discarding the PTHREAD_EVENT_EXIT. The slightly modified testcase at does pass.
>> I don't see any obvious way to dequeue only the fatal signal, so instead I dequeue them all. Since none of these signals will ever be delivered it shouldn't affect the executing task.
>> Suggested-by: Robert O'Callahan <>
>> Signed-off-by: Kyle Huey <>
> Oh excellent! Thank you for the patch; I've been chasing other things
> this week and hadn't had time yet to dig into this. I agree with your
> rationale: the signals aren't being delivered anyway, so drop them to
> keep ptrace operating as expected.
> Oleg, does this pass a quick sanity-check from you? For context, the
> original problem description was:
> The problem is that if a tracee task is in a PTRACE_EVENT_SECCOMP
> trap, or has been resumed after such a trap but not yet been
> scheduled, and another task in the thread-group calls exit_group(),
> then the tracee task exits without the ptracer receiving a
> PTRACE_EVENT_EXIT notification. Small-ish testcase here:
> The bug happens because when __seccomp_filter() detects
> fatal_signal_pending(), it calls do_exit() without dequeuing the fatal
> signal. When do_exit() sends the PTRACE_EVENT_EXIT notification and
> that task is descheduled, __schedule() notices that there is a fatal
> signal pending and changes its state from TASK_TRACED to TASK_RUNNING.
> That prevents the ptracer's waitpid() from returning the ptrace event.
> A more detailed analysis is here:

I took a closer look at this now (while chatting off-list with Kyle).
I think the dequeue solution isn't right (it's papering over the real
bug). The primary issue is this:

* The delivery of a fatal signal during event
* notification may silently skip tracer notification.
* Terminating the task now avoids executing a system
* call that may not be intended.
if (fatal_signal_pending(current))

The comment here actually describes very nearly exactly what we're
trying to fix. When a fatal signal is delivered during event
notification, i.e. RET_TRACE happened, seccomp started to try to
notify the tracer, process caught a fatal signal so tracer never
changed syscall state, and then seccomp continues and we want to be
sure that the syscall is not executed because we have reason to
believe that the tracer got bypassed. However, calling do_exit() here
puts us in the unexpected scheduler state. Instead of the more
paranoid do_exit(), we can just do "goto skip;" here to make sure the
syscall is skipped and then let the signals get delivered correctly
(which will kill the process, matching the original goal here).

Testing the "goto skip;" here with your test case shows it passing
again. (And still passes the seccomp regression tests.) I'll send a
new patch...


> Thanks!
> -Kees
>> ---
>> kernel/seccomp.c | 14 +++++++++++++-
>> 1 file changed, 13 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
>> diff --git a/kernel/seccomp.c b/kernel/seccomp.c
>> index ef6c6c3..728074d 100644
>> --- a/kernel/seccomp.c
>> +++ b/kernel/seccomp.c
>> @@ -609,8 +609,20 @@ static int __seccomp_filter(int this_syscall, const struct seccomp_data *sd,
>> * Terminating the task now avoids executing a system
>> * call that may not be intended.
>> */
>> - if (fatal_signal_pending(current))
>> + if (fatal_signal_pending(current)) {
>> + /*
>> + * Swallow the signals we will never deliver.
>> + * If we do not do this, the PTRACE_EVENT_EXIT will
>> + * be suppressed by those signals.
>> + */
>> + siginfo_t info;
>> +
>> + spin_lock_irq(&current->sighand->siglock);
>> + while (dequeue_signal(current, &current->blocked, &info));
>> + spin_unlock_irq(&current->sighand->siglock);
>> +
>> do_exit(SIGSYS);
>> + }
>> /* Check if the tracer forced the syscall to be skipped. */
>> this_syscall = syscall_get_nr(current, task_pt_regs(current));
>> if (this_syscall < 0)
>> --
>> 2.7.4
> --
> Kees Cook
> Nexus Security

Kees Cook
Nexus Security

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