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SubjectRe: [PATCH] w1: fix timeout_us parameter description

10.08.2016, 06:22, "Wei Yongjun" <>:
>>  08.08.2016, 16:52, "Wei Yongjun" <>:
>>>  Fix 'timeout_us' parameter description.

>>>   MODULE_PARM_DESC(timeout, "time in seconds between automatic slave searches");
>>>   module_param_named(timeout_us, w1_timeout_us, int, 0);
>>>  -MODULE_PARM_DESC(timeout, "time in microseconds between automatic slave"
>>>  - " searches");
>>>  +MODULE_PARM_DESC(timeout_us,
>>>  + "time in microseconds between automatic slave searches");
>>  I believe there will be no harm to put it to on one line, even if it crosses some obscure very-long-line rule
> Maybe the bad patch description confused you, this patch the typo in the
> first argument of MODULE_PARM_DESC(), use timeout_us instead of timeout.

Yup, you are right, please make it as one line since you are at it

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