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SubjectRe: kvm: RDTSCP on AMD

On 06/07/2016 19:34, Eduardo Habkost wrote:
>> > Nothing is needed in the kernel actually. You can skip the intercept
>> > by running the guest with MSR_TSC_AUX set to the guest's expected value.
>> > Which KVM does, except that it's botched so I need to apply the
>> > patch in
> Do you mean -cpu Opteron_G*,+rdtscp will be buggy on Linux v4.5?
> (v4.5 reports rdtscp as supported in GET_SUPPORTED_CPUID)
> Can we do something to make QEMU detect the buggy kernel before
> allowing rdtscp to be enabled, or should we just tell people to
> upgrade their kernel?

We usually just tell people to use the latest stable kernel.

Adding new CPU models is not a big deal, in fact it's almost easier than
getting compat properties right. :)


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