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SubjectRe: [Query] Preemption (hogging) of the work handler
On Wed, 6 Jul 2016 11:28:42 -0700
Viresh Kumar <> wrote:

> I tried looking at if something related to this changed between 3.10
> and mainline, and found few patches at least. One of the important
> ones is:
> commit 5874af2003b1 ("printk: enable interrupts before calling
> console_trylock_for_printk()")
> I wasn't able to backport it cleanly to 3.10 yet to see it makes thing
> work better though. But it looks like it was targeting similar
> problems.

Do you have the same issues with latest mainline, or is this only a
3.10 issue?

-- Steve

> @Jan Kara, Right ?
> Any other useful piece of advice/information you guys have? I see Jan,
> Andrew and Steven do a bunch of stuff in printk.c to make it better
> and so Cc'ing them.

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