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SubjectRe: futex: Allow FUTEX_CLOCK_REALTIME with FUTEX_WAIT op
On Thu, 23 Jun 2016, Michael Kerrisk (man-pages) wrote:
> On 06/23/2016 08:28 PM, Darren Hart wrote:
> > And as a follow-on, what is the reason for FUTEX_LOCK_PI only using
> > CLOCK_REALTIME? It seems reasonable to me that a user may want to wait a
> > specific amount of time, regardless of wall time.
> Yes, that's another weird inconsistency.

The reason is that phtread_mutex_timedlock() uses absolute timeouts based on
CLOCK_REALTIME. glibc folks asked to make that the default behaviour back then
when we added LOCK_PI.



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