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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/7] of_graph: prepare for ALSA graph support

Hi Rob, Mark

Thank you for your feedback

> I need to see how you want to use this. I'm not completely convinced
> this is necessary as the port number should be meaningful. For example,
> port 0 is video and port 1 is audio. This information is specific to the
> local parent node which could be problematic if you have generic code
> parsing the local node. However, if you know which local port is audio,
> then you know the remote endpoint's port is also the audio port.

Yes, as you pointed, sound side (= ALSA SoC) will use generic driver
for sound card which needs to know its total port number.
Then, these patches are needed.

I posted OF graph part only this time, but of course I have total full-set
in my local environment.
But these are ...
1) cleanup current generic sound driver (= almost 30 patch)
2) OF graph new feature (= this patch-set) (= almost 10 patch)
3) OF graph base generic sound driver (= almost 30 patch)
- ...

I'm posting 1) part to ALSA SoC ML, 2) part to this ML.
1) will take more long term >> Mark ??
If you want to see this patch-set together with use case, then 3) is needed.
If so, I will merge 2) and 3), and post these to this ML and ALSA SoC ML.

Is it OK for you ? >> Rob, Mark
I don't know how to handle it, but I can follow your opinion

> In general, all these helpers look okay if you have a user for them.

As I explained above, it is based on 1) part, but it will takes more
long term.

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