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Subject[PATCH 0/3] clocksource: timer-atmel-pit: driver cleanup

Here are a few cleanups I had laying around for a while. I rebased and
tested on top of 4.7-rc1.

The series will apply after:
"clocksource: timer-atmel-pit: enable mck"

Alexandre Belloni (3):
clocksource: timer-atmel-pit: drop at91sam926x_pit_common_init
clocksource: timer-atmel-pit: remove uselesss WARN_ON_ONCE
clocksource: timer-atmel-pit: simplify IRQ handler

drivers/clocksource/timer-atmel-pit.c | 76 ++++++++++++++---------------------
1 file changed, 30 insertions(+), 46 deletions(-)


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