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Subject[GIT PULL] ARM: at91: dt for 4.8 #2 bis

Please disregard the previous DT pull request, it had an issue...
I'm including the corrected change in this one with two fixes for the
sam9_l9260 and on fix for the sama5d2 xplained.
Also, adding the PMU node to the sama5d2 doesn't seem too risky.

The following changes since commit 64c0703e269d442f0406b34e64e23744151ea276:

ARM: dts: at91: calao: remove leftovers clock definition (2016-06-10 16:59:30 +0200)

are available in the git repository at:

git:// tags/at91-ab-4.8-dt2

for you to fetch changes up to b8bca7eaef9eeda4876b8ded1f49862b0b85181c:

ARM: dts: at91: sama5d2_xplained: Update the pmic node (2016-07-04 15:59:46 +0200)

DT Changes for 4.8 #2:
- New board: at91sam9260ek
- Fixes for the sam9_l9260
- Sama5d2 Xplained PMIC fix
- Addition of the PMU node for the sama5d2

Nicolas Ferre (1):
ARM: dts: at91: add at91sam9260ek board DT

Olivier Schonken (1):
ARM: dts: at91: sama5d2: add PMU node

Raashid Muhammed (2):
ARM: dts: at91: sam9_l9260: Add pinctrl information to ethernet node.
ARM: dts: at91: sam9_l9260: Modify information in LED nodes.

Wenyou Yang (1):
ARM: dts: at91: sama5d2_xplained: Update the pmic node

arch/arm/boot/dts/Makefile | 1 +
arch/arm/boot/dts/at91-sam9_l9260.dts | 14 +-
arch/arm/boot/dts/at91-sama5d2_xplained.dts | 41 ++++--
arch/arm/boot/dts/at91sam9260ek.dts | 211 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
arch/arm/boot/dts/sama5d2.dtsi | 5 +
5 files changed, 259 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 arch/arm/boot/dts/at91sam9260ek.dts

Alexandre Belloni, Free Electrons
Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering
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