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SubjectRe: [PATCH] regulator: core: Assign bool value to variable has_full_constraints
On 07/04/16 at 10:12am, Mark Brown wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 04, 2016 at 10:05:25AM +0800, Baoquan He wrote:
> > In commit 21cf891a (regulator: Make regulator_has_full_constraints a bool)
> > type of variable has_full_constraints is changed to bool, so assign 'true'
> > to has_full_constraints here.
> There is no need to make changes like this, C has full support for using
> integers in a boolean context - using true here would've been just as
> meaningful with an integer variable and using a number for a boolean
> variable is fully equivalent.

Well, I am fine with it. I am just going through pci/acpi initialization
code because I lack knowledge on them to fix a amd iommu bug. Trying to
post patches when some improvement can be made during this code reading
journey. If then, NACK it.


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