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SubjectRe: [PATCH V6 3/9] irqdomain: Don't set type when mapping an IRQ

On 29/07/16 04:53, Masahiro Yamada wrote:
> Hi.
> I noticed my board would not work any more
> when pulling recent updates.
> I did "git-bisect" and I found the following commit is it.
> commit 1e2a7d78499ec8859d2b469051b7b80bad3b08aa
> Author: Jon Hunter <>
> Date: Tue Jun 7 16:12:28 2016 +0100
> irqdomain: Don't set type when mapping an IRQ
> With reverting it, everything works fine for me.
> My board is arch/arm64/boot/dts/socionext/uniphier-ph1-ld20-ref.dts
> Is anything wrong with IRQ settings in my Device Tree?

Most likely.

> If 1e2a7d784 is really a buggy commit,
> could you do something please?

Before this commit bad IRQ type settings in device-tree were not getting
reported and so that's why most likely it is bad IRQ type settings. As
Marc mentioned without any more details (which IRQ for which device is
failing) we cannot confirm. So I would look at the failing IRQ which is
now failing when being requested and see if the type in device-tree is



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