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SubjectAw: [PATCH v2 0/2] tpm: add driver for cr50 on SPI
Hi Andrey,

thanks for the update.

> This patchset adds support for H1 Secure Microcontroller running
> Cr50 firmware. It implements several functions, including TPM-like
> functionality, and communicates over SPI using the FIFO protocol
> described in the PTP Spec, section 6.
> H1 is a proprietary chip that the Chrome OS team is investigating
> for inclusion in future Chromebooks.

so is this "broken" device already in the field? (i.e. can I buy it? how many of them)
from the description it seems not. ("future chromebooks")
--> how likely is it that the firmware of that device will be fixed that it can work with the regular driver?

Although I really like to see driver upstreamed, I also want to avoid maintenance hell for obscure hardware :/


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