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SubjectRe: [patch V2 30/67] powerpc/numa: Convert to hotplug state machine
* Anton Blanchard | 2016-07-15 10:28:25 [+1000]:

>Hi Anna-Maria,
Hi Anton,

>> >> Install the callbacks via the state machine and let the core invoke
>> >> the callbacks on the already online CPUs.
>> >
>> > This is causing an oops on ppc64le QEMU, looks like a NULL
>> > pointer:
>> Did you tested it against tip WIP.hotplug?
>I noticed tip started failing in my CI environment which tests on QEMU.
>The failure bisected to commit 425209e0abaf2c6e3a90ce4fedb935c10652bf80
>It reproduces running ppc64le QEMU on a x86-64 box. On Ubuntu:

Thanks for that. I can reproduce this ontop of latest WIP.hotplug with
this patch.



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