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SubjectRe: [patch V2 43/67] leds/trigger/cpu: Convert to hotplug state machine

* Jacek Anaszewski <> wrote:

> > @@ -133,7 +125,13 @@ static int __init ledtrig_cpu_init(void)
> > }
> >
> > register_syscore_ops(&ledtrig_cpu_syscore_ops);
> > - register_cpu_notifier(&ledtrig_cpu_nb);
> > +
> > + /*
> > + * FIXME: Why needs this to happen in the interrupt disabled
> > + * low level bringup phase of a cpu?
> > + */
> Why wasn't it possible to clarify the issue before the
> submission?

Nothing has been applied yet (this submission is part of the clarification
process), are you fine with this conversion as-is, with a separate patch doing any
followup fixes - or would you prefer another approach?

This CPU hotplug series tries to do straightforward conversions to the CPU hotplug
state machine without changing behavior - while pointing out any problems that
were found along the way.

I agree that the addition of this FIXME should probably have been pointed out in
the changelog as well, but this patch was submitted once already with no feedback
received - and that's the historic pattern with such types of series: only a low
percentage of all driver maintainers replies so we have to be proactive to a
certain degree to have a chance of improving core kernel infrastructure. It's
better to add FIXMEs with open questions that to introduce subtle problems.



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