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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/5] Add support for EPT execute only for nested hypervisors
Paolo Bonzini <> writes:

> On 14/07/2016 19:38, Bandan Das wrote:
>> Paolo Bonzini <> writes:
>>> On 13/07/2016 17:47, Bandan Das wrote:
>>>>>> I wanted to keep it the former way because "PT_PRESENT_MASK is equal to VMX_EPT_READABLE_MASK"
>>>>>> is an assumption all throughout. I wanted to use this section to catch mismatches.
>>>>> I think there's no such assumption anymore, actually. Can you double
>>>>> check? If there are any, that's where the BUILD_BUG_ON should be.
>>>> What I meant is how they are the same bit. is_shadow_present_pte() is probably one
>>>> and another one is link_shadow_page() which already has a BUILD_BUG_ON().
>>> You're right about link_shadow_page()! We probably should change the
>>> PT_PRESENT_MASK to shadow_present_mask there (and then readability in
>>> the EPT execonly case is still provided by shadow_user_mask).
>> Makes sense. Would you like a new version with that added or can that be a
>> separate patch ?
> I've already done it and pushed it to kvm/next. :)

Ah, thank you!

>>> For is_shadow_present_pte() you have removed it in patch 1 though.
>> Right. But the assumption is still that is_shadow_present_pte() works because
>> EPT_READABLE and PT_PRESENT are the same.
> is_shadow_present_pte() tests 0xFFFFFFFF, so it does not depend on bit 0
> alone, for neither EPT nor "normal" page tables.

Yeah... Let me rephrase, is_shadow_present_pte works because the assumption
is that both of the bits are in the first 32 bits :) You proved me wrong though,
this assumption does not mean a BUILD_BUG for the equal condition is required here.


> Paolo

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