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SubjectRe: [PATCH] arm64: Add config to limit user space to 47bits
On 07/14/2016 02:14 AM, Alexander Graf wrote:
> On 14.07.16 09:03, Zheng Xu wrote:
>> LuaJIT also fix the 48VA issue by allocating heap memory below 47 bits.
>> For mozjs issue, if there are pointers to .rodata, it can be a problem. Does it happen on master and do we have any case to reproduce the issue so that I can take a look?
> mozjs is fixed with your patch. I backported it to all of the ancient
> versions of mozjs, so we're probably good there. Though every distro
> will have to redo that work in their own trees, because older versions
> of mozjs are no longer maintained upstream. If you want to be a hero,
> you can try to port polkitd and gnome to use more recent versions of
> mozjs ;). Or maybe they can already and we just messed up packaging.

I have a polkit built against mozjs45, getting it to work on the other
hand is the yak of the day...

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