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SubjectRe: [PATCH 23/32] x86/intel_rdt.c: Extend RDT to per cache and per resources
On Tue, 12 Jul 2016, Fenghua Yu wrote:

> From: Fenghua Yu <>
> QoS mask MSRs array is per cache. We need to allocate CLOSID per cache
> instead global CLOSID.
> A few different resources can share same QoS mask MSRs array. For
> example, one L2 cache can share QoS MSRs with its next level
> L3 cache. A domain number represents the L2 cache, the L3 cache, the L2
> cache's shared cpumask, and the L3 cache's shared cpumask.
> cctable is extended to be index by domain number so that each cache
> has its own control table.
> shared_domain is introduced to cover multiple resources sharing

This patch does a dozen different things at once. Can you please split the
cleanup parts, the parts where statics are removed and the actual changes in
the representation model apart so this can be reviewed?

And while at this, please fold back thes cleanups into the original
patches. There is no point to have these changes seperate.



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