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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 2/2] drm/panel: Add JDI LT070ME05000 WUXGA DSI Panel
On 11 July 2016 at 13:31, Vinay Simha <> wrote:
> emil,
> As you had suggested to drop the spurious returns in
> jdi_panel_unprepare and drop the return itself.
> But as i had mentioned earlier , we cannot drop the return function
> and void for jdi_panel_unprepare , since the drm fun* requires int as
> return type (drm_panel_funcs .unprepare).
> please do re-point out if i had still missed anything.
Simple steps:
- forget/ignore anything you know about the driver for a moment.
- note: existing DRM interfaces cannot be changed.
- teardown path(s) should _not_ return prematurely. be that within
the function itself or any of the functions that it uses.

Now put the above into practise:
- jdi_panel_unprepare, should _not_ return if jdi_panel_off fails.
- similarly, _everything_ in jdi_panel_off should be executed, hence
one can drop the return type all together.
- bonus points for inlining the {2,4} line helpers
jdi_panel_{on,off}. don't bother with this if it makes things too
complex/confusing from your POV.

If the above is still ambiguous, just copy/pasta from panel-sharp-lq101r1sx01.c.


P.S. Please avoid top-posting where possible.

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