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SubjectRe: [RFC] WireGuard: next generation secure network tunnel
Hey Bruno,

Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier; the message didn't make it to me

Bruno Wolff III <> writes:
> I tried this out on 4.7 kernels and it seemed to work OK. I can't tell
> about security, but the packets made it to where they are going.

Happy to hear!

> My eventual use case, is to be able to reach a machine behind NAT by
> though a fixed machine in another location. The machine behind NAT will
> keep a tunnel usable by occasionally pinging through the tunnel to make
> sure that NAT has state information allowing packets to make it back and
> that the fixed machine knows where to send packets.

That seems like a setup that would work fine.

> This seems much easier to use than ipsec and should be faster than
> tunnelling over ssh or openvpn.

Absolutely! That's the goal.

Thanks for the feedback,

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