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SubjectRe: [PATCH] spi: add spi_sync_single_transfer wrapper for single spi_transfer
Hi Lars,

> > The spi_sync_single_transfer function calls spi_sync_transfer
> > with a single spi_transfer element, instead of an array.
> So, what's the advantage of using this as opposed to calling
> spi_sync_transfer with a 1 for the number of transfers?

Not much, but it keeps the code a bit nicer to read for those
using spi_sync_transfer with only one spi_transfer. Besides it's
also more understandable what the function itself does and there
would not be any need to jump into the spi_sync_transfer to check
what the number '1' is needed for (for example it's not a boolean
'true' value).

I checked and there are quite many uses of spi_sync_transfer with
only 1 transfer.


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