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Subject[PATCH v2 0/2] Correct iTCO Watchdog for Apollo Lake
These patches fix the iTCO watchdog for Apollo Lake.
I changed the watchdog memory io to only use 4 bytes rather
the whole region, I'm not sure if that is the correct way.

The previous 0x30h offset in intel_pmc_ipc.c was for based
on the earlier BXT-M platform. Apollo Lake has it at 0x40h.

Let me know if the patches need changes.
Please CC me as I am not subscribed, thanks.

* Resent, typo in linux-kernel email address

Changes since v1:
* Watchdog NO_REBOOT bit off-by-one corrected.

Yong, Jonathan (2):
watchdog: iTCO-wdt handle 5th variation for Apollo Lake
x86: Fix Apollo Lake Watchdog address in PMC driver

drivers/platform/x86/intel_pmc_ipc.c | 10 ++++++----
drivers/watchdog/iTCO_wdt.c | 2 ++
2 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)


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