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SubjectRe: [1/8] mwifiex: only call mwifiex_sdio_probe_of() if dev has an OF node
Javier Martinez Canillas <> wrote:
> SDIO is an auto enumerable bus so the SDIO devices are matched using the
> sdio_device_id table and not using compatible strings from a OF id table.
> However, commit ce4f6f0c353b ("mwifiex: add platform specific wakeup
> interrupt support") allowed to match nodes defined as child of the SDIO
> host controller in the probe function using a compatible string to setup
> platform specific parameters in the DT.
> The problem is that the OF parse function is always called regardless if
> the SDIO dev has an OF node associated or not, and prints an error if it
> is not found. So, on a platform that doesn't have a node for a SDIO dev,
> the following misleading error message will be printed:
> [ 12.480042] mwifiex_sdio mmc2:0001:1: sdio platform data not available
> Signed-off-by: Javier Martinez Canillas <>
> Reviewed-by: Julian Calaby <>

Thanks, 8 patches applied to wireless-drivers-next.git:

6f49208fec85 mwifiex: only call mwifiex_sdio_probe_of() if dev has an OF node
cc524d1706b7 mwifiex: propagate sdio_enable_func() errno code in mwifiex_sdio_probe()
032e0f546c7e mwifiex: propagate mwifiex_add_card() errno code in mwifiex_sdio_probe()
a82f65aae143 mwifiex: consolidate mwifiex_sdio_probe() error paths
d3f04ece53a4 mwifiex: use dev_err() instead of pr_err() in mwifiex_sdio_probe()
213d9421c165 mwifiex: check if mwifiex_sdio_probe_of() fails and return error
806dd220340d mwifiex: don't print an error if an optional DT property is missing
5e94913f676a mwifiex: use better message and error code when OF node doesn't match

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