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SubjectRe: [PATCH v8 3/4] i2c: i801: add support of Host Notify
On Jun 16 2016 or thereabouts, Wolfram Sang wrote:
> > > - removed the .resume hook as upstream changed suspend/resume hooks and there
> > > is no need in the end to re-enable host notify on resume (tested on Lenovo
> > > t440 and t450).
> >
> > Actually, this hook seemed to be required on the Lenovo T440 (Haswell)
> > but not on the T450 (Broadwell) laptop I have now here.
> >
> > Wolfram, I can resend the whole series or a follow-up patch to re-enable
> > after resume Host Notify. How do you prefer I deal with that?
> That depends a little how we want to handle patch 4. I am going to apply
> patches 1+2 today to my tree. Then you can just resend patch 3 which I
> hope will get some review soon, but I will pick it up for 4.8 later
> nonetheless. If it is not causing too much dependency hassle, I'd prefer
> that patch 4 goes via Dmitry's input tree.

Works for me. Thanks for picking up the core changes. As soon as this
gets merged, the input part (patch 4), which is independent of patch 3
(i2c-i801) can be carried over through the input tree. So as long as
you don't need to have a new feature without users for a short period
of time, that's fine by me :)


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