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SubjectRe: [PATCH v8 3/4] i2c: i801: add support of Host Notify
> > - removed the .resume hook as upstream changed suspend/resume hooks and there
> > is no need in the end to re-enable host notify on resume (tested on Lenovo
> > t440 and t450).
> Actually, this hook seemed to be required on the Lenovo T440 (Haswell)
> but not on the T450 (Broadwell) laptop I have now here.
> Wolfram, I can resend the whole series or a follow-up patch to re-enable
> after resume Host Notify. How do you prefer I deal with that?

That depends a little how we want to handle patch 4. I am going to apply
patches 1+2 today to my tree. Then you can just resend patch 3 which I
hope will get some review soon, but I will pick it up for 4.8 later
nonetheless. If it is not causing too much dependency hassle, I'd prefer
that patch 4 goes via Dmitry's input tree.

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