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Subject[ldv-project] [net] rtl8188ee: a potential race condition

There is a potential data race in

In the function rtl88ee_gpio_radio_on_off_checking the flag
ppsc->rfchange_inprogress is set with a spinlock protection. In the
function rtl_ps_set_rf_state the flag is read also under a spinlock. But
the function rtl88e_dm_watchdog read it without any locks. As a result
rtl88e_dm_watchdog may execute the succeeding code while changing (with
the flag rfchange_inprogress == true). I do not exactly determine the
consequences, but likely they are not good if there exists such check.
Could anybody more confident confirm this?

The function rtl_ps_set_rf_state is always called with its parameter
[protect_or_not == false]. Is this flag really necessary, if the value
'true' is never used? The function is also set the flag
ppsc->rfchange_inprogress and may affect the rtl88e_dm_watchdog as in
the previous case.

Pavel Andrianov
Linux Verification Center, ISPRAS

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