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SubjectRe: v4.6-rc1 regression bisected, Problem loading in-kernel X.509 certificate (-2)
(cc'ing Tadeusz as he did the pkcs1 padding function)

Jamie Heilman <> wrote:

> > > Problem loading in-kernel X.509 certificate (-2)
> >
> > ENOENT? Hmmm... The only place that is generated is in the crypto layer.
> > That suggests missing crypto of some sort.
> >
> > The attached patch enables some debugging in some relevant files if you can
> > try applying it to your kernel.
> Alrighty, presumably relevant bits:
> X.509: Cert Issuer: Build time autogenerated kernel key
> X.509: Cert Subject: Build time autogenerated kernel key
> X.509: Cert Key Algo: rsa
> X.509: Cert Valid period: 1461826791-4615426791
> X.509: Cert Signature: rsa + sha512
> X.509: ==>x509_check_signature()
> X.509: ==>x509_get_sig_params()
> X.509: <==x509_get_sig_params() = 0
> PKEY: ==>public_key_verify_signature()
> X.509: Cert Verification: -2

Hmmm... Okay, the only ways out of public_key_verify_signature() without
printing a leaving message are for snprintf() to overrun (which would return
error -22) or for crypto_alloc_akcipher() to have failed; everything else must
go through the kleave() at the pr_devel() at the bottom of the function.

Can you stick:

pr_devel("ALGO: %s\n", alg_name);

immediately before this line:

tfm = crypto_alloc_akcipher(alg_name, 0, 0);

and try it again?


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