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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86_64: Disabling read-implies-exec when the stack is executable
> However, I would tend to agree: RIE should only be needed on 32-bit
> since 64-bit started its life knowing about no-exec permissions.

NX was not in the original AMD K8 chips. Was only added some time later.

> set_personality_64bit()'s (which is confusingly just an initializer
> and not called during the personality() syscall) comment about this
> makes no sense to me:
> /* TBD: overwrites user setup. Should have two bits.
> But 64bit processes have always behaved this way,
> so it's not too bad. The main problem is just that
> 32bit childs are affected again. */
> current->personality &= ~READ_IMPLIES_EXEC;

What does not make sense?


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