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SubjectRe: sched: tweak select_idle_sibling to look for idle threads
On Wed, 2016-05-11 at 09:23 +0800, Yuyang Du wrote:

> > Yeah, just like everything else, it'll cuts both ways (why you can't
> > win the sched game). If I can believe tbench, at tasks=cpus, reducing
> > lag increased utilization and reduced latency a wee bit, as did the
> > reserve thing once a booboo got fixed up.
> Ok, so you have a secret IDLE_RESERVE? Good luck and show it, ;)

Nothing sexy, just cpmxchg(), with the obvious test/set/clear spots.

cmpxchg(&cpu_rq(cpu)->idle_latch, cpu, nr_cpu_ids)

> Depends on the goal. For both, load lagging reality means the high
> > frequency component is squelched, meaning less migration cost, but also
> > higher latency due to stacking. It's a tradeoff where Chris' latency
> > is everything" benchmark, and _maybe_ the real world load it's based
> > upon is on Peter's end of the rob Peter to pay Paul transaction. The
> > benchmark says it definitely is, the real world load may have already
> > been fixed up by the select_idle_sibling() rewrite.
> Obviously, load avgs are good at balancing in a larger scale in a timeframe,
> so they should be used in comparing/balancing sd's not cpus. However, this
> is not the case currently: avgs are mixed with idle cpu/core selection, so
> I think better job can be done before and after select_idle_sibling().
> For example, I don't know what the complex wake_affine() is really doing for
> what. Am i missing something, you think?

wake_affine() just says no to keep us from pulling the whole load to
one cache, starting massive tug-o-war with LB and nuking throughput.
Everybody wants hot data, but they can't all have it and scale.


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