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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next] of: of_mdio: Check if MDIO bus controller is available
On 28/04/16 15:12, Andrew Lunn wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 02:55:10PM -0700, Florian Fainelli wrote:
>> Add a check whether the 'struct device_node' pointer passed to
>> of_mdiobus_register() is an available (aka enabled) node in the Device
>> Tree.
>> Rationale for doing this are cases where an Ethernet MAC provides a MDIO
>> bus controller and node, and an additional Ethernet MAC might be
>> connecting its PHY/switches to that first MDIO bus controller, while
>> still embedding one internally which is therefore marked as "disabled".
>> Instead of sprinkling checks like these in callers of
>> of_mdiobus_register(), do this in a central location.
> I think this discussion has shown there is no documented best
> practices for MDIO bus drivers and how PHYs nodes are placed within
> device tree. Maybe you could document the generic MDIO binding, both
> as integrated into a MAC device node, and as a separate device?

Fair enough, I will submit something after re-spining this patch to use
-ENODEV, which I agree is a better return code. Did you want me to
remove that blurb from the commit message?

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