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SubjectRe: [PATCH V6 05/13] acpi, pci: Support IO resources when parsing PCI host bridge resources.
On 04/27/2016 01:36 AM, Jon Masters wrote:
> On 04/26/2016 10:39 PM, Bjorn Helgaas wrote:

>> It would be ideal to find
>> some way to handle ia64 and ARM64 similarly. At the very least, we
>> have to make sure that this doesn't break ia64. The ia64 dense/sparse
>> I/O spaces complicate things; I don't know if ARM64 has something
>> similar or not.
> There's nothing directly similar - it's just regular MMIO.

Just a footnote on the IA64 thing. I'm working on getting access to a
few Itanium systems and running V6 on these (even bought my first
Itanium system today so I can run this at home also). I'm also chatting
with the internal RH QE folks about testing on a few dozen x86 systems.
Will followup when we've any results on that testing.


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