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SubjectRe: zram: per-cpu compression streams
Hello Minchan,

On (04/19/16 17:00), Minchan Kim wrote:
> Great!
> So, based on your experiment, the reason I couldn't see such huge win
> in my mahcine is cache size difference(i.e., yours is twice than mine,
> IIRC.) and my perf stat didn't show such big difference.
> If I have a time, I will test it in bigger machine.

quite possible it's due to the cache size.

> > NOTE:
> > -- fio seems does not attempt to write to device more than disk size, so
> > the test don't include 're-compresion path'.
> I'm convinced now with your data. Super thanks!
> However, as you know, we need data how bad it is in heavy memory pressure.
> Maybe, you can test it with fio and backgound memory hogger,

yeah, sure, will work on it.

> Thanks for the test, Sergey!



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