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SubjectRe: N900 sleep mode (in 4.5-rc0, if that matters)

First, sorry for the delay. Busy with other projects, then tried to
keep USB in 4.5 from regressing.

I'm now back on 4.4 branch.

> > > > (I assume I have to insmod and rmmod, right? Because powersave is not
> > > > entered if I simply compile-out usb).
> > >
> > > Depending on what the bootloader does and probably also if
> > > USB was used during the booting.. So yeah you may need to modprobe
> > > and then rmmod.
> > >
> > > > Would you have commit ids for those rmmod fixes? It might be good to
> > > > push them into stable, and I should try again with them applied...
> > >
> > > 055555fc459 ("usb: musb: core: Fix handling of the phy notifications")
> > > 03e43528ab68 ("usb: musb: Fix unbalanced pm_runtime_enable")
> >
> > Ok, with that, I can insmod and rmmod. But I still get:
> >
> > 00001fff 48005020 (fa005020) cm_idlest_per blocking bits: 0007e000
> I think the cm_idlest_per is fine.
> > ffdffebd 48004a20 (fa004a20) cm_idlest1_core blocking bits: 00200042
> > 0000000d 48004a28 (fa004a28) cm_idlest3_core
> Bit 21 in cm_idlest1_core is for MCSPI4 so WLAN. Does that go
> down if do sleep 5; cat /sys/kernel/debug/pm_debug/count ?

I'm using

sudo iw dev wlan0 set power_save on ; not sure if it matters.

I now have:

f7de3e8d 48004a20 (fa004a20) cm_idlest1_core blocking bits: 0021c072

So that bit seems to stay here. Aha... and it went off now:

f7fe3e8d 48004a20 (fa004a20) cm_idlest1_core blocking bits: 0001c072

Good. I still have some work in USB disabling.

> If not, the're PM runtime missing or broken somewhere.
> FYI, below is my omap3 usb test script that I use to start and
> stop USB, it also works on n900. And after stopping it n900
> continues hitting deeper idle states just fine.
> That is with these two phy patches applied on v4.5-rc3:
> "phy: twl4030-usb: Fix unbalanced pm_runtime_enable on module reload")
> "phy: twl4030-usb: Relase usb phy on unload")
> Maybe I gave you wrong info on the USB patches needed.. But these
> two above are needed on v4.5-rc3. And looks like Kishon has now
> applied them.

Lets see... yes, I seem to have those. Messing with modules is hard in
my environment, and I push kernels over usb from the "NOLO" IIRC.

> Oh and I also have the MMC PM runtime regression fix here that I
> have not yet posted. Will post today. But I guess you're on
> v4.4 right now still.

Yes. I can now go to 4.5 (or even 4.6-rc0 if needed), but I guess
staying on 4.4 is easiest for now.

Thanks for the script.

> rmmod $udc_glue
> rmmod $phy_module
> rmmod $udc_module

Aha, you are removing one more module; I was not working with

Best regards,
(cesky, pictures)

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