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SubjectUnhelpful caching decisions, possibly related to active/inactive sizing

I'm working on fixing long IO stalls with postgres. After some
architectural changes fixing the worst issues, I noticed that indivdiual
processes/backends/connections still spend more time waiting than I'd

In an workload with the hot data set fitting into memory (2GB of
mmap(HUGE|ANNON) shared memory for postgres buffer cache, ~6GB of
dataset, 16GB total memory) I found that there's more reads hitting disk
that I'd expect. That's after I've led Vlastimil on IRC down a wrong
rabbithole, sorry for that.

Some tinkering and question later, the issue appears to be postgres'
journal/WAL. Which in the test-setup is write-only, and only touched
again when individual segments of the WAL are reused. Which, in the
configuration I'm using, only happens after ~20min and 30GB later or so.
Drastically reducing the volume of WAL through some (unsafe)
configuration options, or forcing the WAL to be written using O_DIRECT,
changes the workload to be fully cached.

Rik asked me about active/inactive sizing in /proc/meminfo:
Active: 7860556 kB
Inactive: 5395644 kB
Active(anon): 2874936 kB
Inactive(anon): 432308 kB
Active(file): 4985620 kB
Inactive(file): 4963336 kB

and then said:

riel | the workingset stuff does not appear to be taken into account for active/inactive list sizing, in vmscan.c
riel | I suspect we will want to expand the vmscan.c code, to take the workingset stats into account
riel | when we re-fault a page that was on the active list before, we want to grow the size of the active list (and
| shrink from inactive)
riel | when we re-fault a page that was never active, we need to grow the size of the inactive list (and shrink
| active)
riel | but I don't think we have any bits free in page flags for that, we may need to improvise something :)

andres | Ok, at this point I'm kinda out of my depth here ;)

riel | andres: basically active & inactive file LRUs are kept at the same size currently
riel | andres: which means anything that overflows half of memory will get flushed out of the cache by large write
| volumes (to the write-only log)
riel | andres: what we should do is dynamically size the active & inactive file lists, depending on which of the two
| needs more caching
riel | andres: if we never re-use the inactive pages that get flushed out, there's no sense in caching more of them
| (and we could dedicate more memory to the active list, instead)

andres | Sounds sensible. I guess things get really tricky if there's a portion of the inactive list that does get
| reused (say if the hot data set is larger than memory), and another doesn't get reused at all.

I promised to send an email about the issue...

I provide you with a branch of postgres + instructions to reproduce the
issue, or I can test patches, whatever you prefer.

This test was run using 4.5.0-rc2, but I doubt this is a recent
regression or such.

Any other information I can provide you with?



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