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SubjectRe: Freezing system after kernel 3.2
I have to found out that freezing can occur under kernel 3.2 too, but far less common.
So the interesting question is why in newer kernels this will occur very often?

I could found a solution for the problem in the linked Blog.
When you disable Cool' n' Quiet the system is running stable with newer kernel too!

So it seems to be a buggy BIOS that is causing 2 big problems:
1. RAM can only be used with 3264 MB of 4096 MB.
2. When Cool' n' Quiet is enabled the system is freezing within an minute.

I have reported this to Asrock, but i don't think they will do anything for an older mainboard ...

You can found several problems regarding freezing with the RS480 chip,
but not together with the frequency scaling (Cool'n'Quiet).
This problems occur with other chipsets too.

How the frequency scaling is working?
I have found some hints about disabling C1 and C6 states will help to solve the problem:

But i have no settings about this states in my BIOS.
Has the behaviour of the frequency scaling drivers changed somehow?

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