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SubjectRe: + kernel-locking-lockdepc-make-lockdep-initialize-itself-on-demand.patch added to -mm tree

* Andrew Morton <> wrote:

> > and it should happen in a well defined place, not be opportunistic (and
> > relatively random) like this, making it dependent on config options and
> > calling contexts.
> That's an unusable assertion, sorry.
> Initializing lockdep in the above manner guarantees that it is initialized
> before it is used. It is *much* more reliable than "try to initialize it before
> some piece of code which hasn't even been written yet tries to take a lock".

So I didn't like that patch because it called into lockdep in a messy way, without
having any real knowledge about whether it's safe to do. Should lockdep ever grow
more complex initialization, such a solution could break in subtle ways. I prefer
clearly broken code with static dependencies over context-dependent broken code
with dynamic call ordering/dependencies.

Fortunately we don't have to apply the patch:

> The conceptual problem is that if some piece of code does spin_lock_init() or
> DEFINE_SPINLOCK(), that lock isn't necessarily initialized yet.

The conceptual problem is that the data structures are not build time initialized
- but the hlist conversion patch solves that problem nicely!

So I'm a happy camper.



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