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SubjectRe: How to add additional blacklist entries?
Mimi Zohar <> wrote:

> > You can link from any key you have LINK permission on. Further, add_key()
> > can add directly.
> Oh, for some reason I thought the system blacklist keyring was limited
> to the new key type with just a description. I was able to add, but
> also remove a key from the system blacklist. I guess the KEY_FLAG_KEEP
> is not set on the system blacklist.

With patch 18 you can. Prior to that it's not possible to modify it from
userspace at all.

> The keys being added to the IMA keyring are signed x509 certs (eg.
> openssl ca -ss_cert). It would be nice to be able to include the skid
> in the description, without a payload, and sign that. I have no idea if
> that Is possible or if it makes sense. I'm open to suggestions.

I think we need a new keyctl or syscall for this.

We need to run through the X.509 parser, but we don't actually want to keep
any of the payload - and, in fact, we don't even necessarily want to create an
asymmetric-type key, though it's not a complete loss if we do that and create
one with a blacklist subtype. The blacklist subtype would just return an
error from all operation points, but would otherwise be handled as normal.


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