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SubjectRe: [PATCH] drivers: stm: correct the index in master array release
Chunyan Zhang <> writes:

> It would be broken if stm_data->sw_start isn't zero, because that
> stp_master_free() get the 'master' with __stm_master()/stm_master(),
> in which the masterID is the second input parameter minus
> stm_data->sw_start. So freeing STM masters has to start from
> stm_data->sw_start.

No, it won't. stm_master_free() handles nonexistent masters correctly.
It does make sense to shrink the loop in stm_unregister_device() to
avoid going through the [0..sw_start) range, since stm_master() returns
NULL for those, but not for the reasons given in this patch description.


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