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SubjectRe: module: preserve Elf information for livepatch modules
+++ Josh Poimboeuf [08/02/16 14:10 -0600]:
>On Wed, Feb 03, 2016 at 08:11:07PM -0500, Jessica Yu wrote:
>> For livepatch modules, copy Elf section, symbol, and string information
>> from the load_info struct in the module loader. Persist copies of the
>> original symbol table and string table.
>> Livepatch manages its own relocation sections in order to reuse module
>> loader code to write relocations. Livepatch modules must preserve Elf
>> information such as section indices in order to apply livepatch relocation
>> sections using the module loader's apply_relocate_add() function.
>> In order to apply livepatch relocation sections, livepatch modules must
>> keep a complete copy of their original symbol table in memory. Normally, a
>> stripped down copy of a module's symbol table (containing only "core"
>> symbols) is made available through module->core_symtab. But for livepatch
>> modules, the symbol table copied into memory on module load must be exactly
>> the same as the symbol table produced when the patch module was compiled.
>> This is because the relocations in each livepatch relocation section refer
>> to their respective symbols with their symbol indices, and the original
>> symbol indices (and thus the symtab ordering) must be preserved in order
>> for apply_relocate_add() to find the right symbol.
>This patch didn't apply clean to linux-next/master. I didn't
>investigate why, but maybe it depends on the other patch set which
>removes the notifiers? (If so, that should be mentioned in the cover

A very recent commit (8244062ef) introduced some changes
kernel/module.c that intersect with this patch, so I think this is why
the patch didn't apply cleanly to today's tree...Anyhow I will rebase
again before sending out v5. Thanks for the comments :-)


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