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Subject[RESEND2 PATCH 0/3] Fix kernel panic in dma-coherent

I'm resending these again to try and garner some interest. Without
this series, dma-coherent cannot be used on arm64 platforms. The
decision to add MEMREMAP_WC came out of a previous discussion with
Dan Williams and Catalin Marinas about the same problem[1].

These patches implement a MEMREMAP_WC flag for memremap(), which can
be used to obtain writecombine mappings. This is then used for setting
up dma_coherent_mem regions which use the DMA_MEMORY_MAP flag.
They apply cleanly on 4.5-rc3.

Patch 3 makes sure that the appropriate memset function is used
when zeroing coherent allocations, which fixes an alignment fault on

Best Regards,


Brian Starkey (3):
memremap: add MEMREMAP_WC flag
drivers: dma-coherent: use MEMREMAP_WC for DMA_MEMORY_MAP
drivers: dma-coherent: use memset_io for DMA_MEMORY_IO

drivers/base/dma-coherent.c | 25 ++++++++++++++++++++-----
include/linux/io.h | 1 +
kernel/memremap.c | 15 +++++++++++++--
3 files changed, 34 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)


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