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SubjectRe: WANTED new maintainer for Linux/md (and mdadm)
NeilBrown <> writes:
> On Wed, Jan 20 2016, Artur Paszkiewicz wrote:
>> Hi Neil,
>> Thank you for your work and time spent on maintaining MD/mdadm. I would also
>> like to offer help for the emerging maintainership team. I've been
>> working with
>> MD RAID for more than 4 years, mostly testing and developing the IMSM-related
>> parts on behalf of my employer - Intel. I realize that I was not very visible
>> on this mailing list, but I think I have a pretty good knowledge about mdadm
>> and the MD drivers. Now I have Intel's approval to take on maintaining MD RAID
>> as part of my job, not focusing primarily on IMSM. I definitely feel more
>> confident with maintaining mdadm, but I would certainly like to learn more
>> about the kernel MD stack and help with it as much as I can.
> Hi Arthur,
> thanks for all your IMSM work over the years! It is great that you can
> continue contributing and do so more broadly.
> For the moment Jes Serensen will be co-ordinating mdadm (once I make a
> release ... tomorrow?) and Shaohua Li will be looking after the
> kernel/md side. I'm sure there is plenty of room for you too though.
> Only one person (at a time) can queue patches, but several can
> collaborate at development and support and bug fixing and testing and
> ....
> I suggest you find ways to co-ordinate with them.
> This:
> is currently most important in my mind, but there are other things to
> do.

Hi Arthur,

I have setup a git repository for mdadm here:

I'll be relying heavily on your contributions in managing this now that
Neil is leaving it to us. I'll do my best to maintain it in a similar
manner to Neil, albeit I am probably going to screw up a lot more often.

Please fire away those patches and do not be afraid to yell at me if I
get something wrong!


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