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SubjectRe: N900 sleep mode (in 4.5-rc0, if that matters)
* Pavel Machek <> [160201 13:18]:
> No, sorry, that was with 4.4. As you hit "PM regression with commit
> 5de85b9d57ab PM runtime re-init in v4.5-rc1", I thought I'd avoid
> v4.5-rc.


> (I assume I have to insmod and rmmod, right? Because powersave is not
> entered if I simply compile-out usb).

Depending on what the bootloader does and probably also if
USB was used during the booting.. So yeah you may need to modprobe
and then rmmod.

> Would you have commit ids for those rmmod fixes? It might be good to
> push them into stable, and I should try again with them applied...

055555fc459 ("usb: musb: core: Fix handling of the phy notifications")
03e43528ab68 ("usb: musb: Fix unbalanced pm_runtime_enable")



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