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Subject[PATCH] MAINTAINERS: clarify that "B:" is the URI where to file bugs
Different subsystems and drivers have different preferences for where to
file bugs and what information to include. 686564434e88 ("MAINTAINERS:
Add bug tracking system location entry type") added "B:" entry for this.

Clarify that "B:" specifies the URI for the bug tracker directly, a web
page for detailed info on filing bugs, or a mailto: URI.

Fixes: 686564434e88 ("MAINTAINERS: Add bug tracking system location entry type")
Cc: Rafael J. Wysocki <>
Cc: Andrew Morton <>
Signed-off-by: Jani Nikula <>


Rafael, I just noticed the "B:" entry popped up in MAINTAINERS from
686564434e88 ("MAINTAINERS: Add bug tracking system location entry

I've been pushing this for some time now, and I'd sent the last patch
adding this before the kernel summit discussion you refer to [1], and
Andrew picked it up, along with the rest in the series. This is where
the whole idea came from!

Specifying "B:" as URI lets subsystems decide whether it contains a bug
tracker or something else.

1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

index f7fd00ef1323..8f55d44b5b26 100644
@@ -77,7 +77,8 @@ Descriptions of section entries:
Q: Patchwork web based patch tracking system site
T: SCM tree type and location.
Type is one of: git, hg, quilt, stgit, topgit
- B: Bug tracking system location.
+ B: URI for where to file bugs. A web-page with detailed bug
+ filing info, a direct bug tracker link, or a mailto: URI.
S: Status, one of the following:
Supported: Someone is actually paid to look after this.
Maintained: Someone actually looks after it.
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