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31 Dec 2016

 Re: [PATCH] mm: Drop "PFNs busy" printk in an expected path.Michal Nazarewicz
 [RFC 1/4] mm: remove unused TASK_SIZE_OF()Dmitry Safonov
 Re: [RFC 00/32] State of MARS Reo-Redundancy ModuleThomas Schoebel-Theuer
 [patch-rt] softirq: Move ksoftirqd_running() under !CONFIG_PREEMPT ...Mike Galbraith
 Re: [PATCH] This continues from this commit: 52f5684c8e1e ("kernel ...Herbert Xu
 Re: [PATCH] This continues from this commit: 52f5684c8e1e ("kernel ...Herbert Xu
[New][PATCH v2] vfio/pci: Support error recoveryCao jin
 Re: [PATCH v1 23/54] bcache: handle bio_clone() & bvec updating fo ...Ming Lei
 Re: [PATCH] drivers: remoteproc: constify rproc_ops structuresBhumika Goyal
 Re: [PATCH 1/2] x86/CPU: Add native CPUID variants returning a sin ...Borislav Petkov
 Re: [RFC 4/4] x86/arch_prctl: add ARCH_{GET,SET}_TASK_SIZEDmitry Safonov
[New][PATCH 0/3] Openrisc 4.10 fixesStafford Horne
 [PATCH 1/3] openrisc: Add _text symbol to fix ksym build errorStafford Horne
 [PATCH 3/3] MAINTAINERS: Add the openrisc official repositoryStafford Horne
 [PATCH 2/3] openrisc: Add .gitignoreStafford Horne
 Re: [PATCH v5 3/4] clk: rockchip: add new pll-type for rk3328Heiko Stuebner
 Re: [BUG?] Freeze after trying to switch TTY?Matthias Beyer
 Re: [PATCH 0/3] Openrisc 4.10 fixesJonas Bonn
 Re: [PATCH 1/3] openrisc: Add _text symbol to fix ksym build errorJonas Bonn
 Re: [PATCH v6 3/9] iio: inkern: api for manipulating ext_info of i ...Jonathan Cameron
[New][PATCH] crypto: Replaced gcc specific attributes with macros from ...[email protected] ...
 Re: [PATCH v6 4/9] dt-bindings: iio: iio-mux: document iio-mux bin ...Jonathan Cameron
 Re: [PATCH v6 1/9] dt-bindings: document devicetree bindings for m ...Jonathan Cameron
 Re: [PATCH v6 2/9] misc: minimal mux subsystem and gpio-based mux ...Jonathan Cameron
 Re: [PATCH v6 5/9] iio: multiplexer: new iio category and iio-mux ...Jonathan Cameron
 Re: [PATCH] This continues from this commit: 52f5684c8e1e ("kernel ...Joe Perches
 Re: [PATCH] net: socket: don't set sk_uid to garbage value in ->se ...David Miller
 Re: [PATCH] drivers: remoteproc: constify rproc_ops structuresBjorn Andersson
 Re: [PATCH v3] net: ethernet: faraday: To support device tree usage.Florian Fainelli
 Re: [PATCH] watchdog: orion: fix spelling mistake: "harcoded" -> " ...Guenter Roeck
[New][PATCH v2] watchdog: Enable COMPILE_TEST where possibleGuenter Roeck
 Applied "ASoC: sun4i-spdif: Add quirks to the spdif driver" to the ...Mark Brown
 Applied "ASoC: sun4i-spdif: remove legacy dapm components" to the ...Mark Brown
 Re: [PATCH] irqchip: keystone: Fix "scheduling while atomic" on rtJason Cooper
[New]Stopping watchdog in watchdog driver remove functionsGuenter Roeck
[New][PATCH] drop_monitor: add missing call to genlmsg_endReiter Wolfgang
 Re: [PATCH v3] net: ethernet: faraday: To support device tree usage.Arnd Bergmann
[New]"Validation count is zero before decrement" from acpi_tb_put_table()"Paul E. McKenney"
 Re: "Validation count is zero before decrement" from acpi_tb_put_t ..."Rafael J. Wysocki"
 Re: [PATCH v5 09/14] ACPI: platform: setup MSI domain for ACPI bas ..."Rafael J. Wysocki"
[New][PATCH] Input: xpad - Don't depend on endpoint orderCameron Gutman
[New][PATCH 0/6] staging: vchiq_arm: Fine-tuning for some function impl ...SF Markus Elfring
 [PATCH 1/6] staging: vchiq_arm: Use kmalloc_array() in dump_phys_mem()SF Markus Elfring
 [PATCH 2/6] staging: vchiq_arm: Adjust 13 checks for null pointersSF Markus Elfring
 [PATCH 3/6] staging: vchiq_arm: One check less in dump_phys_mem() ...SF Markus Elfring
 [PATCH 4/6] staging: vchiq_arm: Delete an error message for a fail ...SF Markus Elfring
 [PATCH 5/6] staging: vchiq_arm: Combine substrings for 24 messagesSF Markus Elfring
 [PATCH 6/6] staging: vchiq_arm: Delete an unnecessary return state ...SF Markus Elfring
 Re: [PATCH 0/3] Openrisc 4.10 fixesStafford Horne
 Re: [RFC PATCH] ext4: increase the protection of drop nlink and ex ...[email protected] ...
 Re: [PATCH] scsi: mpt3sas: fix hang on ata passthru commandsJames Bottomley
[New]fs/crypto/keyinfo.c:110:8: error: implicit declaration of function ...kbuild test robot
 Re: [PATCH v5 5/7] i2c: designware: add SLAVE mode functionskbuild test robot
 Re: [PATCH net 1/2] r8152: fix the sw rx checksum is unavailableAnsis Atteka
 Re: [PATCH linux 5/6] hwmon: occ: Add hwmon implementation for the ...kbuild test robot
[New]fs/xfs/xfs_ondisk.h:96:2: error: call to '__compiletime_assert_96' ...kbuild test robot
 [PATCH RESEND 02/10] via-cuda: Remove redundant temporary variableFinn Thain
[New][PATCH RESEND 00/10] Replace via-maciisi with via-cuda driverFinn Thain
 [PATCH RESEND 10/10] m68k/mac: Replace via-maciisi driver with via ...Finn Thain
 [PATCH RESEND 09/10] via-cuda: Add support for Egret system controllerFinn Thain
 [PATCH RESEND 08/10] via-cuda: Initialize data_index early and inc ...Finn Thain
 [PATCH RESEND 06/10] via-cuda: Avoid TREQ race conditionFinn Thain
 [PATCH RESEND 07/10] via-cuda: Use spinlock_irq_save/restore inste ...Finn Thain
 [PATCH RESEND 05/10] via-cuda: Fix re-initialization of reply_ptr ...Finn Thain
 [PATCH RESEND 04/10] via-cuda: Prevent read buffer overflowFinn Thain
 [PATCH RESEND 01/10] via-cuda: Cleanup printk callsFinn Thain
 [PATCH RESEND 03/10] via-cuda: Add TREQ, TIP and TACK signal helpersFinn Thain
[New]core.c:undefined reference to `fpu_save'kbuild test robot
 Re: [PATCH] drop_monitor: add missing call to genlmsg_endNeil Horman
[New]{standard input}:34: Error: unknown opcodekbuild test robot
[New]undefined reference to `_text'kbuild test robot
[New][PATCH] KVM: ioapic: fix NULL deref ioapic->lockWanpeng Li
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