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Subject[PATCH v2 00/12] crypto: atmel-authenc: add support to authenc(hmac(shaX),Y(aes)) modes
Hi all,

this series of patches has been based and tested on next-20161222 with

The series adds support to the hmac(shaX) algorithms first, then combines
both the Atmel SHA and AES hardware accelerators to implement
authenc(hmac(shaX),Y(aes)) algorithms as used by IPSEC/SSL connections.

It has also been tested with strongswan + xl2tpd to create an IPSEC+L2TP
(transport mode) VPN and strongswan only (tunnel mode) for an IPSEC VPN.

Then iperf was used to measure the bandwidth improvement in tunnel mode:

drivers AES SHA SPLIP iperf half-duplex
authenc(hmac(sha1-generic),cbc(aes)) SW SW N/A 27.7
authenc(hmac(sha1-generic),atmel-cbc-aes) HW SW N/A 30.2 (mainline)
authenc(atmel-hmac-sha1,atmel-cbc-aes) HW HW no 29.1
atmel-authenc-hmac-sha1-cbc-aes HW HW yes 38.8

SPLIP: Secure Protocol Layers Improved Performances (AES+SHA combined).

Some patches of this series are purely transitional: I've split the
modifications into many patches to ease the review.

Best regards,



v1 -> v2:
- add missing drivers/crypto/atmel-authenc.h file in patch 11.

Cyrille Pitchen (12):
crypto: atmel-sha: create function to get an Atmel SHA device
crypto: atmel-sha: update request queue management to make it more
crypto: atmel-sha: make atmel_sha_done_task more generic
crypto: atmel-sha: redefine SHA_FLAGS_SHA* flags to match
crypto: atmel-sha: add atmel_sha_wait_for_data_ready()
crypto: atmel-sha: add SHA_MR_MODE_IDATAR0
crypto: atmel-sha: add atmel_sha_cpu_start()
crypto: atmel-sha: add simple DMA transfers
crypto: atmel-sha: add support to hmac(shaX)
crypto: atmel-aes: fix atmel_aes_handle_queue()
crypto: atmel-authenc: add support to authenc(hmac(shaX),Y(aes)) modes
crypto: atmel-sha: add verbose debug facilities to print hw register

drivers/crypto/Kconfig | 12 +
drivers/crypto/atmel-aes-regs.h | 16 +
drivers/crypto/atmel-aes.c | 478 ++++++++++++-
drivers/crypto/atmel-authenc.h | 64 ++
drivers/crypto/atmel-sha-regs.h | 20 +
drivers/crypto/atmel-sha.c | 1438 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
6 files changed, 1960 insertions(+), 68 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 drivers/crypto/atmel-authenc.h


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