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Subject[PATCH 0/3] Update LZ4 compressor module

This patchset is for updating the LZ4 compression module to a version based
on LZ4 v1.7.2 allowing to use the fast compression algorithm aka LZ4 fast
which provides an "acceleration" parameter as a tradeoff between
compression ratio and compression speed.

We will use LZ4 fast in order to support compression in lustre. LZ4 fast empowers
us to do client-side as well as server-side compression/decompression while
being able to provide appropriate parameters to enable users to tune lustre's
behaviour to obtain the best performance/compression/etc. on their behalf
(adapative compression).

Also, it will be useful for other users of LZ4 compression,
as with LZ4 fast it is possible to enable applications to use fast and/or high
compression depending of the usecase. E.g. a developer can use very
high compression (low acceleration) for sending data over a network with
limited rate of transmission or he trades the compression ratio for higher
compression speed.

LZ4 homepage:
LZ4 source repository:
Source version: 1.7.2
Compression in lustre:

Benchmark (taken from [1], Core i5-4300U @1.9GHz):
Compressor | Compression | Decompression | Ratio
memcpy | 4200 MB/s | 4200 MB/s | 1.000
LZ4 fast 50 | 1080 MB/s | 2650 MB/s | 1.375
LZ4 fast 17 | 680 MB/s | 2220 MB/s | 1.607
LZ4 fast 5 | 475 MB/s | 1920 MB/s | 1.886
LZ4 default | 385 MB/s | 1850 MB/s | 2.101


[PATCH 1/3] crypto: Change lz4 modules to work with new lz4
[PATCH 2/3] fs/pstore: fs/squashfs: Change lz4 compressor functions
[PATCH 3/3] lib: Update LZ4 compressor module based on LZ4 v1.7.2.

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